Roca Group is here to eliminate any confusion when choosing the correct products for whatever your mechanical needs.
We do this in a timely manner which allows you to keep the cogs turning.

We offer a wide Range of lubricants which will suit any of your requirements.
We cater to Marine, forestry, Haulage, Agricultural and other industrial applications.

We understand the vital importance lubricants play in extending the performance and life of your expensive machinery equipment and aim to provide you with quality lubricants, backed by our extensive technical and application knowledge. This ultimately enables real cost savings to our customers.

We Stock Lubricants in all sizes including Aerosols, 20L, 205L Barrels, 1000L IBC’s and can facilitate bulk load orders Via Lubricant Tanker.

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Roca Group Caters to every trade and task

We offer quality tools and equipment for the following sectors:

  • Woodworking Tools

  • Plumbing Tools

  • Builders Tools

  • Engineering Tools

  • Mechanical Tools

  • Gardening Tools

Just some of the tools Roca supplies:

  • Aluminium Scaffolding Towers

  • Aluminium steps & Ladders

  • Telescopic Ladders

  • Transformers

  • Cable Reels

  • Tripod Lights

  • Nail guns

  • Cut Off Saws

  • Socket Sets

Leading Brands


We Supply a range of quality branded clothing to businesses across Argyll and Scotland.
From boiler suits to jackets.

We work with Top Brands including but not limited to Helly Hansen and Ocean Textile and many more, which enables us to offer you quality workwear clothing whist staying competitively priced.

We hold a small stock of workwear and safety boots, so we endeavor to deliver within 24 hours of receiving any order, however this depends on on what items are ordered, quantity of items ordered and the time the order is placed.

Branding Service
Roca Group works with external partners to offer printing and embroidery for all corporate wear.

Helly Hansen 2021 Catalogue


Roca Group Caters for every trade and task. Don’t see what you need? then contact us as we can provide much more.

We offer a vast range of trade equipment from recognised brands, ranging from:

  • Industrial Floor Cleaners

  • Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners

  • Pressure Washers

  • Water Pumps

  • 12& 24V Battery-less Booster Packs

  • Electric Heaters

  • Gas & Fuel Space Heaters

  • Welders

  • Bench Grinders

  • Floor Standing Drills

  • Generators

  • Compressors

  • Storage Containers 10ft, 20ft & 40ft

  • Air Hole Reels

  • Air Line Tools

  • Air Line Spray Guns

  • Mechanical Coil Spring Compressors

  • Trolley Jacks

  • Axle/Jack Stands

  • Transmission- Box Jack

  • Folding Engine Cranes

  • Bearing Press

  • Tyre/Wheel Carts

  • Commercial Jacks

  • Bottle Jacks

  • Oil Storage & Oil Spill Kits

  • Parts Washer

  • Sand Blasting Equipment

  • Hydraulic Pipe Benders

  • Engine Stand

  • Suction Oil Drainers

  • Floor-Standing Drum Fans

  • Ventilators & Ducting

  • Dust Collectors

  • Mitre Saws

  • Lathes

  • Roller Stands

  • 6” & 8” Planers

  • Disc Sander & Belt Sander

  • Band saws

  • 12V & 24V Batteries

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